TrackSense Pro XL Data Logger

The combined Pressure and Rigid Temperature Sensor has a pressure range of 15 mBar to 6 Bar Absolute, with an accuracy of ±0.25% Full scale, and a temperature range of -20 to +150 °C with a measuring accuracy of 0.05 °C. The sensor can be used for a wide range of applications within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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8 Bar Pressure Sensor

The 8 Bar Pressure Sensor has a pressure range of 20 mBar to 8 Bar Absolute, with a measuring accuracy of ± 0.25% Full scale. It can be used within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, for applications like retort sterilization, steam sterilization, ovens, environmental chambers etc.

The high quality wireless TrackSense Pro XL data loggers consist of high resistant stainless steel and offers high-end technology that allows for stable and highly accurate measurements within different thermal processes.

The TrackSense Pro data logger series are equipped with an Interchangeable sensor option, unlocking several measuring parameters:

✓ Temperature
✓ Pressure
✓ Conductivity
✓ Relative humidity
✓ CO2
✓ Vacuum
✓ ​Steam Penetration

The data loggers can easily be activated and read by the Multi reader station and combined with the Sky module for real time data via wireless communication.

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