STR-1000 Seam Stripper

The Automatic Can Seam Stripper is an efficient and affordable alternative to manual teardown methods for the analysis of Double Seam Tightness on Food, Beverage or Aerosol Cans.




  • Safest teardown tool in the industry – Technician’s hands never touch the can while the Double Seam Stripper is in operation
  • Fast and Efficient – Simultaneously cuts and strips can double seams in a single motion
  • Cans are stripped in 10-15 seconds


  • May be used on Aluminum or Steel Cans
  • Toolings changed easily for different can sizes

Technical Details

Maximum Size: 603 (153mm)
Minimum Size: 200 (50mm)
Dimensions: 400 x 260 x 610 mm (16 x10x24 in)
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet
Blue-Chip Technologies