PNR-V Series Buckle/PNR-V Tester

The Pressure of No Return / Vacuum Gauges are semi-automated testers available for Closed Cans up to 183mm in Diameter and Open 2-piece Steel Cans up to 83mm in Diameter.



Measures: PNR-V Test (Pressure of No Return/Vacuum): Tests the maximum pressure applied to the can, where the can bottom still returns to its original position Buckle (Peak) Test: Tests the precise pressure at which the end buckles Process cycle test: Simulates the fluctuating pressures of the sterilization process


  • Saves time:
    • Three tests in one compact system
    • Automatic data transfer
  • Easy to use:
    • Latest firmware with intuitive color touch screen display
    • Requires little training


  • Models available for closed cans up to 183mm in diameter (PNR-V-3000, PNR-V-3189)
  • Models available for Open 2-piece Steel cans up to 83mm in diameter (PNR-V-3000-0)

Technical Details

Maximum Size: 189mm diameter, 285mm height
Minimum Size: 50mm diameter, 100mm height
Range: -1 – 4 Bar (-14.5 – 58 psi) PNR-V-3000-0: up to 5 bar (72.5psi)
Electrical Required: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Air Pressure Required: min. 5bar (72.5psi)
Output Interface: RS232, USB 2.0
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, others available upon request
Resolution: 0.00004 in (0.001mm) 0.0004 in (0.01mm) for can hight
Accuracy: +/-0.0004in (+/-0.01mm)
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet
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