Peltier-cooled incubator ILP 53

Advantages over compressor-cooled incubators:

– Environmentally friendly
Elimination of compressor and refrigerants
ensures environmental protection.

– Lighter and smaller
The Peltier-element system has reduced the size and
weight of the unit.

– Vibration-free
With the introduction of the Peltier-element system,
vibrations previously generated by the compressor
have been eliminated.

– Perfect performance
The cooling system based on the Peltier-element
features excellent temperature stability and uniformity.
It also improves the temperature recovery time
(e.g. after door opening).


Smart and Smart PRO

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Technical data Smart

air convection: forced
chamber capacity [l] 1 56
working capacity [l] 56
controller microprocessor with external LCD graphic display
display 4,3″ full colour touch screen
temperature range [°C] 0…+70 (max 20°C below ambient temperature)
temperature resolution every … [°C] 0,1
over temperature protection class 2.0 to DIN 12880 / class 3.3 (option) / class 3.3 in Smart PRO
door type double / door with viewing window (option)
interior acid-proof stainless steel to DIN 1.4301
Smart powder coated sheet
IG Smart stainless steel linen finish
overall dims [mm] 2
width A 590
height B 710
depth C 690
internal dims [mm]
width D 400
height E 390
depth F 360
shelves (standard \ max) 2 // 5
max shelf workload [kg] 5 25
– reinforced shelf version (PW) 3
max unit workload [kg] 50
– reinforced unit version (W) 4
weight [kg] 69
voltage* 230V 50Hz
nominal power [W] 500
warranty 24 months
manufacturer POL-EKO-APARATURA
all the above technical data refer to standard units (without optional accessories)
* – 230V 60Hz, 115V 60Hz, 3P 230V 60Hz – on request
1 – working capacity of chamber can be smaller
2 – depth doesn`t include 50 mm of power cable
3 – reinforced shelf
4 – reinforced version
5 – on uniformly loaded surface


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