OLT Family of Glass Container Thickness Products

On-line thickness measurement of glass containers



Agr On-Line Thickness Selectors (OLT) provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for the measurement and management of glass container sidewall thickness and material distribution during the production process.

The OLT, directly integrated into the manufacturing line, provides container manufacturers with the ability to monitor material distribution on every container produced, making it possible for manufacturers to produce safe and light-weight containers with a high level of confidence. Versions of the OLT are currently in operation on hundreds of manufacturing lines around the world today.

Agr’s on-line thickness products offer the following advantages:

  • Stand-alone systems that can easily be installed on a production line
  • Easy to use, setup and calibrate, requiring minimal technical skills for operation
  • Capable of measuring difficult regions of a bottle, including curved sections in the heel and shoulder regions
  • Not affected by bottle color or lighting conditions
  • Designed to inspect every container on the production on-line with minimal operator intervention and maintenance requirements

The Agr on-line thickness systems are available in a number of versions to meet the differing needs of the glass container industry.

OLT – On-line Thickness Selector

This system is designed for economy and offers basic Pass/Fail container thickness selections. It will accommodate a wide variety of round container shapes and sizes.

HSOLT – High Speed On-line Thickness Selector

This version is designed for high throughput. It features an optimized head design and handling and offers single point control and operation in addition to measurement and reject selection for minimum, maximum and thickness variation.

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