Gawis® Systems

Comprehensive, automatic laboratory-based measuring systems for plastic containers and preforms



The Gawis® system is a comprehensive, automatic measuring and gauging system for plastic bottles, containers, and preforms. The industry standard for quality control test equipment, the Gawis and Gawis-OD® systems provide fast, accurate, non-destructive measurement of thickness and dimensional attributes.

Ideal for PET containers including beverage, wide mouth, and petaloid base

Provides documented details on thickness and physical dimensions

Performs tests that would normally be time-consuming and tedious

Powerful laboratory and quality control tool

Gawis system offers basic thickness measurement and data accumulation including

  • Sidewall thickness measurement for PET containers and preforms
  • Base corner thickness measurement
  • Overall height
  • Base clearance

Gawis-OD system offers thickness measurement plus dimensional gauging including

  • Sidewall thickness measurement and outside dimension gauging
  • Base corner thickness measurement
  • Tilt/lean
  • Overall height
  • Thread measurements
  • Outside dimension
  • Body dimensions
  • Base clearance
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