FibreBag is an innovative filtration method from C. Gerhardt for determining the crude fibre, ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in feedstuffs. It avoids common problems in the classic filtration method using frits and filter beds, simplifies handling and digestion of the samples and ensures better and more reliable analysis results. In the FibreBag method, digestion and filtration are carried out in a large filter bag made of a high-precision special textile that standardises the filtration conditions so that they are reproducible.



Innovative filtration technology for determining the crude fibre, ADF, NDF and ADL content in feedstuffs.

  • The large filtration surface makes digestion, washing out and filtration of the samples easier and increases flexibility in weighing out the samples.
  • A glass spacer ensures that the samples in the digestion vessel are optimally wetted and rinsed.
  • The filter bags remain open and do not have to be sealed. This makes handling easier.
  • The FibreBags are incinerated together with the sample residue at the end of each digestion process. This single use means that each analysis is always conducted under identical, standardised filtration conditions, thus generating results that can be reproduced precisely.
  • The FibreBags are nitrogen-free and can be used to determine the level of nitrogen in the fibre fractions.

The innovative FibreBag technology from C. Gerhardt standardises fibre analysis at a new level.

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