DRT-3000 Series Dome Reversal Tester

The Dome Reversal Tester is a semi-automated buckle tester designed to determine the pressure at which the bottom dome of a finished beverage can begins to buckle.



Measures: Buckle Test, Buckle Test and Dome Growth with fixed pressure levels, Flex Mode: Buckle Test and Dome Growth Test in 0.05 bar increments – Ideal for R&D Laboratories, Dome Growth Permanent Test – Dome Growth Test only – with fixed pressure levels.


  • Saves Time:
    • Multiple Tests in one unit
    • Automatic Data Transfer
    • Quick-fill technology – Pressure increases rapidly to preset amount, then increases slowly until buckle.


Models available with and without Dome Growth Measurement

Technical Details

Maximum Size:up to 307 (83mm)
Range:Pressure: 0-8 bar (0-116 psi)
Dome Growth: 0-12 mm (0-0.47 in)
Electrical Required:100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Air Pressure Required:Min. 8 bar (116 psi)

(Pressure amplifier available upon request)

Measurement Units:Pressure: bar, psi, kPa
Dome Growth: mm, inches
Output Interface:RS232
Languages:English, German, Spanish, Chinese, others available upon request
Dimensions:528 mm x 500 mm x 786 mm
(21 in x 20 in x 31 in)
Resolution:Pressure: 0.01 bar (0.145 psi)
Dome growth: 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)
Accuracy:±0.725 psi (±0.05 bar)
Product Spec Sheet: Download Spec Sheet
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Product Custom Order

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