Combined Coating Measurement System

Coating measurement system for the finish and body of glass containers

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The Combined Coating Measurement System (CCMS) provides a single operation testing station for measuring coating applied to glass containers during production. The fully automated CCMS incorporates two measurement heads that are configured to meet the unique, individual requirements for measuring tin oxide coating.  Positioning of measurement heads, container rotation and capture of measurement data are performed in a single progression, without the need for operator intervention.

Automatic measurements eliminate the potential for error that may be introduced by different users. Up to six vertical positions for finish and body measurement can be defined for each job. Precise positioning of the measurement heads makes it possible to measure every container within that job at the exact same heights, ensuring the most accurate and repeatable measurements possible.

Dual head design

  • Finish measurements – a low profile head configuration with horizontal and vertical positioning is specifically designed for performing measurements within the confines of a container’s finish region
  • Body measurements – a wide range head with angular positioning for optimal measurement of coatings up to 100 CTO performs all body measurements

Two testing modes

  • Spot test mode – Facilitates a quick test to verify the coating presence and thickness on an individual sample at a single height
  • Job test mode – simplifies the effort of performing routine and repetitive testing through predefined and stored jobs with up to six vertical positions for finish and body measurement and 10 angles for each vertical height


  • Finish and/or body measurements in one operation
  • Dual head design
  • No job change for different container types
  • Automated test or spot check operation
  • Job storage and recall
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Built-in power loss protection
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