CDG-3000 Countersink Depth Gauge – Beverage

The CDG is a manual gauge for measurement of the Countersink Depth and Profile Depth of Food, Beverage and Aerosol Cans



Measures: Countersink Depth


  • Increased Accuracy:
    • Completely operator independent measurement
  • Saves Time:
    • Automatic Data Transfer
  • Extremely Easy to Use


  • Multiple Diameter Probe Tips Available

Technical Details

Electrical Required: SR44 Battery
Measurement Units: In, mm
Output Interface: Mitutoyo Standard
Dimensions: Standard Base: 5.5″ Long
Long Base: 8.25″ Long
Resolution: Standard: 0.0005 in (0.01 mm)
High-Resolution: 0.0001 in (0.001 mm)
Blue-Chip Technologies
Product Custom Order

Product Custom Order

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