AEI-3000 Aerosol End Automatic Measurement System

Single measurement unit for aerosol tops and bottoms of all sizes




  • Single measurement unit for aerosol tops and

bottoms of all sizes

  • Includes Symphony software for reports,

statistics and standards

  • Includes a centering device for maximum

accuracy & repeatability

  • Includes a manual rotation mechanism –

number of measurement points per end will

be agreed in advance

  • Supports standard aerosol end diameters, (a full list and end drawings will be required in advance)
  • Includes adaptors for bottoms
  • Aerosol tops/domes:
  • HC (Countersink depth)
  • ED (Curl outside diameter)
  • EC (Curl Opening)
  • EB (Curl Height)
  • H (Overall height)
  • IB (1″ External Diameter)
  • IA (1″ Internal Diameter)
  • DD (Dust shelf on curl)
  • Aerosol bottoms:
  • HC (Countersink depth)
  • ED (Curl Outside Diameter)
  • EB (Curl Height)
  • H (Overall Height)
  • EC (Curl Opening)
  • Software will connect to agree upon existing gauges with known data output
  • All measurements are non-destructive and automatic, either optical, mechanical or a combination thereof
  • Includes factory certified calibration gauge

Technical Details

Measurement Units: clean compressed air and 110V power supply
Resolution: 0.0005”
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet
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