ABT-3100 – Aerosol Can Burst Tester

The ABT-3100 is a semi-automated burst / buckle tester



The ABT-3100 is a semi-automated burst / buckle tester designed to check the pressure at which the aerosol can end will buckle, and the pressure at which the aerosol can will burst.


  • Time savings:
  • New faster test times
  • Auto-Start Function – The test does not begin until the door is secured
  • Uses the quick-fill technology: The pressure builds up rapidly to a pre-determined point, then slows down the time rise of the measurement window.
  •  Automatic data export
  • No change parts requiered
  • More powerful than ever before with 55 bar


  • 60 Fully-customizable test types, such as holding at set pressures
  • Measures Pressure Drop at time of Buckle
  • Auto-start functionality – Begin test as soon as door is secured.
  • 55 bar Max Test Pressure
  • Best selling burst tester in the industry
  • Automatic detection of buckle and burst
  • Automatic assignment of top or bottom burst
  • Automatic data export
  • With 3-piece cans, Top and Bottom Buckle may be graphed [pressure over time] on-screen
  • Fully-self contained with internal water supply
  • Multiple heights and diameters of aerosol cans may be measured without the need for change parts.
  • Additional adapters are available for Monobloc, PET Bottles, Aluminum Bottles, and Aerosol Cans with non-standard openings

Technical Details

Maximum Size: Max Höhe: 300 mm
Range: Max Test Druck: 55 bar
Electrical Required: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Air Pressure Required: 90 psi (6 bar)
Measurement Units: bar, kPa, psi
Dimensions: 600 mm x 800 mm x 1620 mm
(24 in x 31 in x 64 in)
Resolution: RS232 Computerschnittstelle
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet
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