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Process controls play an important role in how a plant process upset can be controlled and subsequent emergency actions executed. Without adequate and reliable process controls, an unexpected process occurrence cannot be monitored, controlled, and eliminated. Process controls can range from simple manual actions to computer logic controllers, remote from the required action point, with supplemental instrumentation feedback systems. These systems should be designed such as to minimize the need to activate secondary safety devices. The process principles, margins allowed, reliability, and the means of process control are mechanisms of inherent safety that will influence the risk level at a facility.

The objectives of process control are, among others:

Your business could benefit from a well-designed control system in many ways, including:

Energy Savings

Energy wastage is reduced when your plant and machinery are efficiently operated

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Detecting faults early means throughput, yield and quality are maintained

Improved Safety

Control systems automatically warn you of any abnormalities which minimises the risk of accidents

Improved Environmental Performance

Systems can give you an early warning of a rise in emissions

Consistent Product Quality

Variations in product quality are kept to a minimum and reduce your wastage

Strengthen and Enhance Core Competencies

Adopt common architectures and standards for controls, infrastructure, and equipment

Industries & Business Competitiveness

We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

We are manufacturer representative of OEM’s and we get annual upgrade through training of our work force, direct access to Manufacturer across the continent, we are consistent and detail to specifications to guarantee project time frame delivery, ROI, Adhering to operating costs and budgets.

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Manufacturing Industries

Some of our clients Includes but not limited to:

  • Aba Malting Plant Aba
  • Champion Breweries Plc Uyo
  • Food, Agro and Applied Industry Otta
  • GSK Agbara
  • Guinness Nigeria Plc Benin
  • Guinness Nigeria Plc Lagos
  • International Breweries Plc Ilesa
  • International Breweries Plc Onitsha
  • International Breweries Plc Port-Harcourt
  • International Breweries Plc Sagamu
  • Monrovia Breweries Liberia
  • Lifecare Venture Limited
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Abuja
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Asejire
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Benin
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Ikeja
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Kano
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Maiduguri
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Owerri
  • Nigerian Bottling Company Port-Harcourt
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Aba
  • Agro & Allied Ltd
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Ama
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Awo-Omamma
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Ibadan
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Ijebu-Ode
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Kakuri
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Kudenda
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Lagos
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc Otta
  • Sierra Leone Brewery Limited
  • LifeCare Venture Ltd & Coca-Cola

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